I made some new headbands! And remember that I can make CUSTOM ORDERS too!
Another Idea for Personalized Baby Items.... Names on the back of Onesies. Since we hold babies up at our shoulders a lot of the time, I thought it was a cute idea to put their last name on the back of a Onesies (such as on the backs of jerseys)!  :o)
I have also made some more Summer Fun Dresses. A ladybug one and a Minnie Mouse one. The Minnie mouse one is a 21" as apposed to the ladybug is 29". Let me know if I can customize one for your little lady! :o)
There are also 21" Princess and Tinkerbelle and Dora Patterns.

04/18/2010 10:42am

These dresses are adorable :o)


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